Office New shoe Collection

Available on 2nd Feb £70

Available from Tomorrow-£90

Available on the 15th March- £15

Available on the 1st of March- £40

Available now- £45

Available 15th of Mar- £70

Available on the 8th Of Feb

These are my favourite styles from Office's new collection
I am a big fan of Office I always think their shoes are reasonably priced too for what your getting and there is always so much choice!
I am in love with every pair here
But I have to say that the last pair with the polka dots are just beyond amazing to me, they are like dolls shoes, just beautiful!
So do you like the new collection and which ones are your faves?
Let me know!


Astérisque said...

the last two pairs are to die for. gorgeous wedges!

rebecca said...

the black wedges are just immense but i dont have £70 to spend on a pair of shoes i probably cant walk in! x

Kendall said...

Is there any way to get these in America? Do they ship worldwide?

Anonymous said...

wow, I love the 2nd, 5th & last, want want!!

Sarah said...

I have to have the multicolour pastel boat shoes!! They're amazing!! Love the polka dots too- can't wait til they come instore! thanks for sharing xxx

M. and O. said...

New post : Olivia's birthday,
She is 18 now. Come on


Kisses from France**

GWYN said...

wow! these are actually ALL amazing!

Wendy's Wellies said...

love the red shoes!
great blog!