"I know we're all following the same yellow brick road, looking for that ultimate band, that ultimate night to remember."

So last night I finally got around to watching Nick and Norah's infinite Playlist

I had read the book when it first came out and I really really loved it

And i normally always feel disappointed watching the film of a book I've read as i never feel like it's ever as good

But i have to say i really enjoyed the movie i think Micheal and Kat were the perfect people to play Nick and Norah and i thought the soundtrack was awesome too

My fave song from the movie is lover by Devendra banhart, I've put the video up so you can check it out too!

So, I wanna know

What books are you reading just now

And what movies are you watching

Give me some recommendations

Let's have a little Sunday book and movie club this week,ha ha!


The Shabby and The Chic said...

Currently reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Seobolds. I watched the film a couple of weeks ago and cannot recommend it enough; such a beautiful and touching story that I think you will enjoy.

prashant said...

I love these, she's so gorgeous!!!

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ediot said...

thanks for sharing that song. great song!

As pretty as possible for destiny. said...

I loved that movie!

When they turn a book into a movie the movie always dissapoints me :(.

I'm actually reading Eclipse right now. It's my guilty pleasure. I never got all the flailing over Twilight and Robert Pattinson ... but I can't stop reading and I believe I'm kind of turning into a fangirl myself. Oops.