So, I just found these photo's on my computer and realised that I had forgot to post them
This is me at Christmas time
(Hence the tree in the background)
My first time wearing my new red lipstick
I have always been more of a gloss girl
I own a ridiculous amount of varying shades of candy pink lipgloss,
But i thought it was about time to move onto the hard stuff-
So in my quest to start my lipstick collection I got this red one for my stash
My total is currently at two
This one and another Pink one
I know what you are thinking, i still have a long way to go to reach the height of my lipgloss collection
But I'm sure one day I will reach my goal! hehe!
This was a big moment the wearing of the lipstick for the first time
Was it going to suit me, would i like the colour and was it all going to come of when i eat,
so many important questions needed to be answered!
You will be pleased to know that everything went well and I really liked it on!
So, i thought i should take some photos to commemorate the big moment!
And here they are!
I will keep yous all updated on my journey of Lipstick buying as I know you will all be desperate to know the next shade that I'm going to go for, HaHa!
Have a happy Friday!

p.s For some reason the flash on the camera makes my face look super pale, dont know why!


proletkult said...

well but it looks great, more lipstick! ;-)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos, u have beautiful eyes!

Danielle Barbe said...

the red lipstick looks beautiful on you! it's definitely your color!

kirstyb said...

lovely pics x

Jess said...

Yes I think I'm fast becoming a lipstick convert! Red is just classic :)

Tibby said...

looks amazing ! :)
i've been meaning to find some red lipstick too..

tibs x

Claire said...

i wish i had your eyes! and you look identical to someone i know. <3 C

Haute World said...

The lipstick looks great on you and is such a great contrast to your lovely blue eyes! I did it the other way round... used to adore lipstick as a teenager (including predominantly reds), then moved on to lipgloss and have ignored lipsticks ever since. I really do still love deep lipstick shades though, so I'll probably start stocking up on them again at some point...

Erica said...

love your lip color


rebecca said...

i really need to enter the world of lipstick! i do love red lipstick and i know it will suit me i just need to buy a gorgeous red colour. i know MAC do one, maybe ill invest in one!
you look gorgeous in the red x

divine bunny said...

i really like the lipstick colour...

and the ed below makes me want to becom a sailor

Anonymous said...

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