Alex Monroe

If you have been reading this blog for a while now
You will know that I am totally in love with delicate gold jewellery
So when I saw some pieces from Alex Monroe
And they were gold and delicate
I instantly became a fan
I love all his work
Please have a look at the his website here if you haven't done so already
Because he has so many pretty pieces
My faves are the last three pictures
I just have to do a lot of of saving up now to be able to afford any
Ha Ha!


dancinginchiffon said...

such a pretty collection!

rebecca said...

wow his collection is beautiful but so damn expensive! x

MT Days & Nights said...

Those are gorgeous pieces. I'm going to take a look at the website!

Clara said...

amazing collection!

Hanae said...

gorgeous post! i love all of those accessories! beautiful!

prashant said...

his collection is beautiful but so damn expensive!

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alex monroe said...

i love alex monroe there jewellery is so cool