The New Cool Kid - Viktor Vauthier

These Photographs are by Viktor Vauthier
I discovered his website a little while ago and have been in love with his images ever since
I love the natural quality of his pictures
They remind me a bit of Terry Richardson's style
And obviously there are Strong similarity's to Cobrasnake
as well
Although i think Viktor brings a more British/French feel to his photographs which makes them a bit more real rather than glossy like the Cobrasnakes
Oh and the very handsome man himself is in the 6th picture down
I think he looks like the missing member of Kings Of leon
Which can never be a bad thing right?
Let me know what you think of his work
And check out his website here


cody said...

love his photos too!!!

xx cody

kirstyb said...

wow loving all these pics xxx

Nerdic.. said...

Awesome pictures! The second one is great.
X, fashionnerdic.

Nina said...

Thanks for the link! Loved his photos!


Sophie said...

Amazing photos. Really beautiful. I love the 2nd photo and the 7th photo down of course ;) xo

divine bunny said...

love love love love. this is the best photo show ever./

cool site

Hanae said...

wow! she is gorgeous!! love his photos!

Liya said...

second pics my fave
but wow, an incredible photographer

KATIA said...

These are some great photos, I especially love the second one :)

The Haute-Shopper said...

Fantastic images! I agree, they're definitely more real and not as made-over as some of the other photos you see out there. And I can definitely see a British influence in the pics... a lot of it is very East London. Thanks for sharing!

style, substance & sutton said...

awesome images & a lovely blog too!


Walk The Sand said...

I agree. This is an amazing photo site. I just came across it a wee while ago to and LOVE it. By far more real and natural than the likes of Cobrasnake (but still love a bot of Cobrasnake obv!).