I don't know what it is about Christmas
But it always makes me want to own a gold sparkly dress
I think it's all the tinsel going about
This is from Missguided
Check out the site for some other great goodies for fab prices!
Sorry for the lack of posting/commenting
I've caught a winter cold
But i will be back to normal in a few days
so i will get round to looking at all your blogs then!
Oh and check out ......Continued
There is some new pictures been put up
Let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

everyone needs a gold party dress

The Owl's Closet said...

what a fun dress! i know what u mean, i'm getting a bit obsesse w/sequins lately:)

Cleaning out my closet: ShopTheOwlsCloset.blogspot.com

Kendra said...

This is great, ive been looking for the perfect sequin cardi for NY

Thanks for the comment also,
Come again!
Please follow if you haven't already, 200 followers by xmas is my goal :)


KATIA said...

AMAZING! I want it..

Grace said...

Until this winter I have never wanted a sequined sparkly dress. So I'm right there with you!

Love Grace.

Liya said...

defs a head-turner!!


Raez said...

coolest thing ever! now ive got another sequined thing to lust after;)

xx raez

M. and O. said...

New article on http://daily-women.blogspot.com

It sleeting in France today, come to see that :) and see Olivia's photos (one of the two creator of daily-women) in her bedroom.



i looove that dress! so simple and rich...

Anonymous said...

Pretty holiday dress! I definitely want!