Christmas List For The Fashion Girl......

1. The breakfast club-Amazon-A classic that everyone must own, will also give her some inspiration for 80's fashion for next season
2. Karl Who Tee-Urban Outfitters-What more can you say other than the man is a legend and any tee that references him must be worn!
3. The Teen Vogue Handbook-Amazon-Looks like it will be filled with some great information for anyone who wants a career in the fashion industry with some fab interviews too, also some copies come with a years free subscription to the magazine as an added extra!
4. The Saturdays, Wordshaker-Amazon-Perfect pop music to dance to at Christmas Time
5. Navy Blazer-Urban Outfitters-Classic blazer that will go with pretty much anything
6. Floral Jumpsuit-Urban Outfitters- Cute and Versatile, with tights it will take you through to spring then it can be worn bare legged unless you live here (UK) when even in summer you'd probably have to still wear your tights with it, because its so cold!
7. Headphones-Urban Outfitters- Pretty pink headphones that can be used as an added accessory as well as to listen to your music on, also i cant be the only one who is totally fed up with continuously putting my ipod headphones back in my ears when the fall out every 5 secs. Go old school with these beauties!
8. Lomo Camera-Urban Outfitters-Because sometimes its nice to get a picture that you cant digitally enhance, sometimes those pictures that aren't that perfect turn out to be the best ones and also its just beyond pretty!
9. Boot-Banana Republic- A similar style to the Emma Cook for topshop boot for those of us (me) that didn't manage to snap up a pair
10. Renewal Levi 501's-Urban Outfitters- Classic denim short that like the play-suit can be worn all through the year
11. Rings-Laura Lee- Friendship rings with the nicest words on them, they look great stacked up too!
12. Bracelet-Laura Lee-ID style bracelet, perfect simple piece of jewelery that is timeless
13. Micheal McIntyre DVD-Amazon-If you haven't heard of Micheal then i strongly urge you to check him out on YouTube he is by far my favourite comedian, i actually cried with laughter watching his last DVD and this one looks just as funny, perfect boxing day viewing!

This was my first ever Collage
So hopefully I'll be able to be a little more creative with the next one
Hope you enjoy this Christmas list
Let me know what you think!
Oh and remember to go and check out ......Continued


Damsels said...

i'm defintiely hoping for bootsand earphones this xmas.. though i doubt anyone will get me that .

rebecca said...

i love those boots! i checked them out on the website and they are £140 which is really out of my budget. hate being skint!
a comedy dvd is always gonna be a hit for a present, i really wanna get the gavin and stacey series on dvd. just loving the third series at the moment!
good night x

Walk The Sand said...

Love the camera and Laura Lee rings and bracelets.

Nina said...

Amazing collage! Hope you get everything your heart desires!


multiple colors said...

nice wishlist! i could totally use some of the things from your list :)