Disney Couture makes Walt proud!

These Tee's are from the Disney Couture collection
I love them!
I think they are super pretty and so much fun
I am in love with the top one, it looks beyond awesome
I think i would rock it with some dotted/heart tights and converse for a day look
and add some sequined legging and some fierce heels for a night look
I love how Disney Couture is making these clothes fashionable and wearable rather than just sticking mickeys face on a plain sweater and making it look like something you would get in the souvenir shop at Disney land circa 1995
Disney Couture have managed to do the same thing with their jewellery range which i love too
They have got some really beautiful designs and added the Disney element to them rather than just putting Donald Duck on a gold chain and putting their name to it!
I think these would make a great Christmas present too
they are definitely on my list anyway!
The prices are
Head on over to TruffleShuffle now to get buying
Let me know what ones your favourite!


Hanae said...

cute mickey!!!! love these tank top!!! and nice price!!!

Mary Jane said...

ahhh i love these tshirts! esp the 1st one!
following you :)



Disney couture is awesome!

rebecca said...

those sort of t shirts look great with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket to make a smart casual outfit. i think my favourite one has to be the last one coz its so versatile. i always choose the black and white option! x

Grace said...

I love the Disney couture jewelry line.

Love Grace.

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! Disney Couture is solely FABULOUS! - I luv it!:))

Alyssa said...

My roommates love Disney and I showed them this and they loved it! Check out what other Disney fashion is to come on my blog :) Hint: Alice is the new black!

Anonymous said...

the first one's my favourite. they're all so cute!