Christmas Traditions

On a Sunday I always like to try and post something un-fashion related
So today I thought I would do a Christmas post
My family have a tradition that when it gets to be a few weeks before Christmas
We start watching Christmas movies to get us into the Christmas spirit
Every year we watch the same ones in the same order
Some years if a new movie that is released is deemed to be worthy of Christmastime watching
We add it to the collection-What rebels we are,ha ha!
For some reason these movies are special enough that every year with out fail we watch them
And every year
We laugh/cry/shout and ahhh
at the exact same bits we always have
But every year it feels like the very first time
So i wanted to share them with you
Some you may have saw
Some you might not have
But either way i hope you find or are reminded about your favourite Christmas movie!
Oh and let me know what Christmas movies you love and watch every year!
1. Grounded(although i think in America it's called Unaccompained Minors)-This is the movie we watch first because it's the newest one added to the list. It's fun and has the story of a classic Christmas movie, nothing ground breaking but it will make you smile!
2. The second one we watch is The Holiday. To be honest with you i really didn't think I would like this movie when it came out, I'm not really a fan of anyone in it other than Jack Black, but it really surprised me. There is actually a nice story to it, and it's not as cheesy as I thought it would be either!
3. Serendipity-Well first I have to say I'm the biggest John Cusack fan, and if you are too then you will probably love this movie!
This is actually one of my favourites, just a really sweet love story
Set against New York which looks like one of the prettiest places at Christmas time
4. Love actually- For me this is a modern day classic Christmas movie, it has a little bit of everything thrown in
And a really great cast too
And Hugh grant's voice over that he does at the beginning and the end is just awesome!
5. Miracle On 34th Street-This is the big one the one that has been watched on Christmas eve since a was a little girl. The most beautiful Christmas movie in my opinion
Everything about it is perfect
Please if you have never seen it
watch it before Christmas this year
It is everything a Christmas film should be and more!


KATIA said...

I adore Holiday movies! These seem like fun :)

G.lam said...

the Holiday is surprisingly one of my favorite movies ~ & Like you I didn't expect myself to like it that much .. But I remember walking out of the theater very touched by it's story. Esp Kate's character :)

Good picks for holiday movies you have here ;)

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Hey Emma! Yess, link exchange! I added you :) What a cute tradition! I love Hugh Grant and John Cusack! My favorite Christmas movie is one that I loved when I was a kid and I just watched it the other day to show my boyfriend. It's pretty old school since it was made in 1985, but to me, it represents the core of Christmas showing what you'd think the North Pole looks like and how elves are. You can see the trailer here-

The trailer's a little corny but I still love it! xo, Mel

Alyssa said...

I love love love Love Actually, because love is... actually all around. I'm bringing it back to my apartment after winter break for my roommates to watch. I'm so excited to share it with them!
Glad to see you and yours love it too! Happy Holidays! :)

Fashion Chalet said...

hahahhh! love Unaccompanied Minors!
let me know when you want to swap :)


beautifulnemo said...

oh I love Love ACtually

have a nice week!
just discovered your blog:)

betz said...

i love serendipity and love actually. they're on my movie list for holidays too!


Such a great movie Love Actually!

She's Dressing Up said...

Christmas movies are the best thing ever.

Gerri Ward said...

HOLIDAY movies make me feel sooo HAPPY!
Thanks for this post!:))

Marian said...

i love holiday movies,these are some great ones!

The Haute-Shopper said...

Very cool list. I've also made it a tradition to watch Love Actually (I think this year it will be really sad to watch though, knowing Liam Neesons wife really did die), Mracle on 34th Street and The Holiday, although I don't always watch the last one (I too only like Jack Black and perhaps Kate Winslet). I'm also really wanting to watch Jim Carrey as Scrooge, as I haven't had a chance to catch that yet...

rebecca said...

home alone 2 is a great christmas film but the family favourite has to be elf. we know like all the lines off ny heart and its just such a great fun film! x

The Owl's Closet said...

i love the first 3 movies on ur list! they're such feel good movies:D
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