Best Newcomer in 2010

Actress, Model and singer

Check out her Myspace and Wikipedia for more info


To here her music check out her Myspace and her Wikipedia

British Singer

Listen to her music on her Myspace

British actress and rumored girlfriend of shia labeouf

See more info about her on her Wikipedia page here

Model and Cobra Snake regular

British singer/songwriter

Check out her music here

Ok, so this is the final category for the awards!

This is Best Newcomer for 2010

This award is for someone who you think will be a style setter in 2010

That person who's fashion choices that will make most of an impact on next year

Again I've tried to include a mixture

Most you will probably already know

But the reason why I have included them is because i think next year will be when they get their big break

Either because they have a song or a movie out

Or just because i think they will up their style stakes in the new year!

I have tried to include some links where you can get info on each person to find out more about them if you want

So, let me know what you think

And get voting below!

Oh and remember you can still vote for best dressed Male and Female

Best Newcomer In 2010


proletkult said...

Atlanta, definetly!

I remember the first times watching her fotos on cobrasnake and noone knew who she was. and then the fact she is only 17!
very beautiful, cool & lovely!!

love your votings!

Pia said...

love the voting idea!! <3