Teen Vogue Prettiness

Images from Teen Vogue
I have just got round to reading this issue of Teen Vogue and I just loved this editorial so much i wanted to post it
I think the mix of grunge and glam is awesome
I think the outfit in the first image is just beautiful
I really want a Christmas style jumper like hers
I think its super cute!
Sorry for the lack of updates
I'm on a little mini holiday visiting my sister
But I'll be back home early next week
So I will be blogging as usual then!
Have a fabulous weekend!


rebecca said...

my sister buys teen vogue and usually their editorials are really unimaginative and their models boring but this is really beautiful. i hope teen vogue keep this up coz its a really gorgeous editorial x

Jenna said...

Teen Vogue always has such great spreads, especially in the fall I noticed.
xoxo JR

The Owl's Closet said...

these are gorgeous! thanks for sharing:) i'm loving the military style jacket from the first pic:D have a great vacation!


oriwa said...

These are too perfect!

lovely blog

x oriwa editorial