Lessons Learned

I think these girls may want you to know that they are really cool
They must be though, right
Because look at the facts
1.The have long un-brushed hair= cool point
2.Unzipped shorts, we all know really cool people don't do up their zips, that's like totally last year= Cool Point
3.They are swearing at us using there hands, because words are over rated for the cool amongst us=Cool Points
4.They are wearing underwear as outerwear-self explanatory=Cool Point
5.They are drinking beer and smoking cigarettes, those rebels=Cool Point
Seriously though check out the magazine that this editorial came from
My fave online mag, it's awesome!
Use these valuable lessons we learned from these freaking cool dudes
And you will be as cool as ice!
Have a fun Sunnday!


Liya said...

awesome photoooooooooos


Nubia said...

Aweosme photos, They all look so free and liberated.. I have to check this mag out thanks!


rebecca said...

those girls are just past cool! like theyre legendary cool! and wearing underwear as outerwear they get so many cool points for that but can i point out that only they can get away with it coz theyre models. most normal people look dreadful with too much skin exposed. its just a sad fact for us normal people! x

Septy Nurhilda said...

I cant believe you say they drink beer and smoking as a cool point!!!!!

Niki B. said...

haha. i thought it was linsday and ali lohan at first! extra cool point.

xo Niki


mel said...

they both look fantastic.so stylish!!