It's a nice day for a white wedding

Grace Kelly
Dita Von Teese
Yoko Ono
Jessica Simpson
Cristina Aguilera
Gwen Stefani

So, as you know i had been away visiting my sister
She is getting married next year to her awesome fiance Olly and when i was visiting her she bought her wedding dress
It is really, really beautiful, and unique
She knew exactly what kind she wanted and didn't have trouble finding it
But it made me think how hard it is to keep a sense of your own style in your wedding dress
When most of them are so similar
It must be hard to find one that represents who you are but still keep that traditional wedding dress style (if that's what you want)
So, i thought i would have a look at some of the more memorable wedding dresses of some celebs
All of these pictures are so different from one another
But i picked them because i think they have all picked designs that are true to them rather than have the same old generic bland dress
I think the one that stands out for me the most is Gwen's
Even though it's not something i would have picked for my self, i think its her style all the way
She has remained unique even on her wedding day and i think she looks amazing
The biggest shock for me was how much i liked pinks dress
I think she looks really pretty in it
And the dress is a kind of a throwback piece with a vintage feel
I might not want to wear any of these dresses myself but I think the people wearing them look really awesome its so nice to see people still taking a risk with fashion on their wedding day
So, what do you think
Are these dresses a hit or a miss?
Oh and check out ......Continued as I have posted a new fabulous item up today
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p.s sorry about the picture quality of some of these photos, some are bad scans from magazines!


Isquisofrenia Style said...

awww, remeinds me of my wedding hahha
i remember when GS got married, i couldnt believe it.
all of this photos are gorgeous.

thank you for your comment


Gerri Ward said...

This PRETTY post makes me want to go buy a WEDDING GOWN but I think I need a PROPOSAL, better still I NEED a HUSBAND TO BE!:))

Niki B. said...

dita's is a miss. which is unlike her. but the iridescent purple is tacky!
xo Niki

kelse said...

yoko & john: HIT HIT HIT

The Haute-Shopper said...

I agree... Gwen's is my favorite, because she had the courage to go with with something that wasn't necessarily traditional. The same with Dita. I wish more women actually had the courage to wear a non-white dress, because unfortunately it's a shade that doens't suit everyone. I've seen very pale redheads look so washed out in white wedding dresses, it's really a shame. The key is definitely staying true to your style and wearing whatever you want or makes you feel pretty.