The "Emma" bag

Blake Lively and Kooba's "Blake" bag

Jane Birkin and Hermes "Birkin" bag

Jessica Stam and Marc Jacobs "Stam" bag

Alexa Chung and Mulberry's "Alexa" bag

Here is a selection of celebrities who have all had bags named after them
I am posting this because I saw a picture of Alexa with her "Alexa" bag which i am so in love with right now
But I actually thought it's like Alexa in bag form if you know what i mean
A little bit vintage looking, rough around the edges, not perfect but nonetheless, it's a beautiful bag
I honestly believe when the designer at Mulberry was creating this they were using her as a muse and basing every detail on her style and personality
But sometimes I just think that a name is put on a bag to garner publicity for it
which i think is a shame as to me i personally feel it would be such an honour and privilege for a designer to use you as there muse and name a handbag after you
Which got me thinking based on my style and personality what kind of bag would be named after me
As much as i would love to say a Chanel bag
i just don't think I'm a classic "Chanel girl" (pre lily Allen, that is)
I would say I'm more of a miu miu quirky with a little bit laid back Marc Jacobs and kinda ethereal Chloe
all mixed together
The colour would be maybe navy or charcoal grey or tan something kinda classic to counteract the modern style
Although i think the lining would be fun and patterned
It would have Lot's of different compartments as there are so many different aspects to my style and personality
And I think it would have a vintage feel and look to show my love for all things 60's and 70's
Overall I would hope it would be a modern and new take on a classic design it would be durable and it would be a forever piece!
So that's my dream "Emma" handbag
If a handbag was named after you what would it be like?


Phoebe said...

Wow i didn't even know they were named after people!
Love the Alexa bag

daisy kate said...

I adore the alexa, it is sooo stunning, hefty price tag though :( I've never thought about what kind of bag I'd be, I'll have to have a think now! what a great blog post idea :) thanks for commenting my blog and so sorry it's taken so long to get back to you, uni is so hectic!

rebecca said...

i love the alexa bag! its so cool! i think i would have a massive bag with a quirky material maybe patchwork. imagine! a rebecca bag! its so cool to have a handbag named after you but id rather a perfume. its just more of a compliment that everyone is going around smelling like me! x

Posh said...

The first photo is sóó beautiful, the girl looks gorgeous!!

Alyssa said...

Ouch, the Blake bag hurts my eyes. But the Alexa... definitely the best!
My bag... would be unusual, brown and black, studded, medium sized, with no handles! Don't ask why..
Wow that sounds awful, but that's all I could come up with.. haha

Sophie said...

Oh I love the alexa bag, its amazing! I know what you mean about it being her in a bag form. I don't know what the "Sophie" bag would be like, but i'm going to have to have a think about this now. Love the sound of the Emma bag as well! Lovely post. xo

kirstyb said...

i love all those bags xxxxx

yiqin; said...

I'd love to have a bag named after me! Great post <3

The Haute-Shopper said...

Yeah, the Alexa bag is definitely my fave although I do think Ms. Birkin got a pretty good homage considering how coveted the Hermes is! I think the Balenciaga motorcycle ones pretty much sum me up, because they're a bit rock chic but can be dressed up or down. I'd love a Chanel, but as you said, it's not actually really my style and I'd have to seriously dress down my outfit to make it not look to matronly on me.