19 November 2009

My 'If I was rich this is what i'd be buying from Topshop right now' list.......

1. I have this need to have a hat with a pom pom on it this winter, i have no idea why, This one is perfect.
2. It's weird because when these first came out I thought they were so pretty but I could never walk in them but now seeing them again I think they actually don't look scary high anymore, I still really love them.
3. Does everyone not need a fake gold kinda 'Lizzie Duke' style necklace?
I think we all know the answer is yes.
4. I have been obsessing over this dress for a while now, it is just what I've been looking for, with a slip under it and some fierce shoes on i would be totally rockin' around my Christmas tree.
5. The new Emma Cook sweater, right amount cute, and right amount quirky to make it work, perfect for layering too!


Jade said...

I flipping love that jumper, I think there's a cardigan version with girls names on too. x

multiple colors said...

i love the shoes :) they're soo fab!

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! Those soles are to DIE for! Yeah it would be solely WONDERFUL to be FASHIONABLY RICH, it's one wish I keep wishing for, hmmm, maybe I'll get lucky and find a genie in a bottle to make it come true!:))

Jyun said...

Hmm, I'll pass.

Sophie said...

Ok this is an amazing list, I actually love it all. I could never ever walk in those shoes though! But I love that jumper in the last photo, ah its perfect. xo

Fashion Nicotine said...

I love the shoes!!

rebecca said...

i love love love that jumper! that dress would be really cool with like another dress ontop or maybe a jumper. hmm im not sure but now im sure of one thing, im definitely off to topshop this weekend! thanx for the inspiration and have a great weekend x

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