Who wore it best?

Pixie Lott
Lauren Conrad

Who do you think wore this Moschino dress the best?

Personally I love the way both of them have styled it but I think Pixie with those beyond beautiful boots and kooky jewellery has just won it for me, although i do love the way that Laurens is more fitted, as I think it's much more flattering

But what about you?

Is it Pixie or Lauren that wins it for you?


rebecca said...

definately pixie! i do love lauren but pixie looks more comfortable in it. i always find all celebs always look a bit awkward and shy on the red carpet x

Faridah said...

I think Pixie definitely brought out the more quirky and beautiful elements of the dress. Giving it an edgy twist is far more flattering, suiting the dress perfectly.

Closet Full of Nothing said...

I love pixie's style, but i feel like this dress suits Lauren more :)