Wearing my name on my heart

Image from PunkyPins
Punky Pins is a cool store that sells everything from jewellery to clothing
But they specialise in personalising your items
They have the most awesome name chains
But my fave thing is this sweatshirt
Inspired by the famous fame sweater,
But instead of the iconic word across your chest you will have your own name!
I think it's random and quirky and anyone who reads this blog will know that I love anything associated with those two words so If i had £45 to spend on a sweater i definitely would!
What about you?
Are you Lovin' or Hatin'
Oh and check out ......Continued as the first Item has been put up today!


Sophie said...

I love punky pins, I have a giant bow necklace from there that I love! These sweatshirts are really cute.xo

Ash Fox said...

love this. never head of them till now but they seem like an awesome brand.



Dani said...

lovin'. this is great!


Michael said...

Oh this is so neat! I always love the 'fame' font too.

Jowy said...

This swwather ROCKS!! diggin it!

One Love,

laurennicolelove.com said...

aw my mom's middle name is faye. :)

- lauren xoxo

yiqin; said...

Ah I totally want a nice sweater :D