VV Brown Interview

For my second interview I wanted to chose somebody that wasn't involved directly in fashion but still had some kind of connection to it. So I interviewed VV Brown, a singer and songwriter from London. I love VV's music it's got that whole soulful/jazzy pop vibe going on. The reason why i picked her though was because I really love her style, it's natural but still unique enough to make you notice it. And when you go see or watch one of her shows you realise that it is more than the music that makes it amazing , it's her clothes, hair , make-up it's like a fashion show. VV is also a model and has opened up her own online vintage store which you can see here. I'm so happy she was able to take time out to answer some questions. I hope you like the interview and that her drive and determination to succeed and never give up inspires you!
Oh and if you have never heard her music check it out here and her album Travelling Like The Light is out now!
Enjoy, and tell me what you think!

VV Brown interview

VV Brown pictured above

1. Well first and foremost I want to say congratulations on the success of the album. I am such a big fan of your music, I think Shark in the water is definitely my song of the year!But aside from your music what caught my attention the most was that you had this "Popstar Presence", It's like in the 50's and 60's when musicians were performing, they put on a show, it was about the whole package, clothes, hair, make-up, etc. Whereas now a lot of performers will wear jeans and a T-shirt and just stand there in front of a microphone, which i think is great for a certain type of music but it's just not very special. Whereas I really feel like your bringing that old style of performing back, it feels like you have thought it all out and your putting on a proper show, was that your aim, to combine hair, make-up, music and fashion to kind of, bring the whole package?
-Absolutely its art to me and a lifestyle. When its your life u can't help it when it seeps into every area of u. I love those old movies from the 50"s where people could sing dance act and display beautiful fashions. I want my life to be an interesting movie and the people who listen to music to feel that movie, those stories and colours. In my shows, interviews, videos, clothes.... Its all art and its amazing !
2. You have worked with and worn a lot of Ashish in the past. I can definitely see the connection between you both. His designs are basically your music in the form of clothing, kind of jazzy, fun, sparkly and bright. Are you planning on working with him again and do you have any other favourite designers?
-Me and ashish are great friends. Who knows on a collaboration, I'd love to he is such a lovely man, ahhhhh xxx I also love victor and Rolf. There new collection made me almost cry.
3. As well as being a musician you are also a model. You appeared in an editorial for Vogue earlier this year, that must have been like a dream come true, what was that experience like?
-Unbelievable. As a black women it was so deep for me. Black women are not celebrated as much as there counterparts. To be a musician and a black women in vogue was an honour. I've been Reading vogue since I was 8 and trust me there isn't a lot of black women, it sometimes feels like tokenism at times or dependent on trends which I think is awful but overall I was happy. I am aiming for a cover one day !
4. In the summer you launched your own online vintage store, you have some really great pieces on there, do you source all the clothing yourself and have you got any plans to branch out and maybe start your own line?
-Thanks x I'm not sure. I live in the moments. Perhaps. I'd love to work with a quirky designer, perhaps ashish and evolve. The shop is very much a hobby to make small orgasms every time a person purchases a piece. It keeps my mind open to more than just melodies and promotion.
5. You've been working really, really hard to establish yourself for years now and it's finally paid off, you must be really proud that all your success is off the back of music you created solely on your own and that you have stayed true to the performer that you are rather than let a record company try and mould you into what was seen to be "cool" at the time. I guess that your success must be even more satisfying in knowing that?
-Oh my god it feels so amazing. We still have such a long way to go but it does ease the worry that its beginning now. I can't even tell you the amount of rejection there has been ups and downs and roundabouts. Even now we have hurdles. Radio was a big hurdle for us this year but I really am a fighter and will keep going. It feels so lovely when you see a small girl covering your song or a person say they danced there first dance at there wedding to your song.... So beautiful. That's where the joy lies after the hard work.
6. What is next for VV Brown?
-America, new song, comic book, touring and evolving.
1. Worst Fear? Failure and loneliness
2. Favourite fashion blog? Yours he he x
3. Best piece of advice? Honesty is the best policy
4. Favourite album/song?hard question, but at the moment, Little dragons very first record is dope !!
5. Who is your style icon? Hard question, grace jones perhaps.


rebecca said...

love the interview! she sounds gorgeous and i love her style! really true to herself. such a good role model x

The Haute-Shopper said...

Terrific interview! Thanks for sharing. She looks fantastic and I do adore her style. I'll defintitely have to check out her music now. I also agree that having a performer who does the whole package of singing, dancing and changing outfits on stage is what it should be about. I can understand if rock musicians don't do it (I wouldn't expect them to), but if you're not attached to an instrument, I don't think there's anything stopping you!

kpeach said...

she's stunning and I love her insights xx

Alyssa said...

You did a fantastic job with this interview. Thanks so much!

Abbie said...

Ah, she is so cool! x

Liya said...

omg i LOVE HER


Elias said...

she's so stylish, I adore her!

Anonymous said...

what you're doing is pretty cool! loved reading this interview..gave me some insight..

Michael said...

I really love this interview as it gives us her opinion on how White Vogue is for a magazine with a demographic for all women.

yiqin; said...

The pants are awesome <3

Grace said...

Great interview!

Love Grace.

Nubia said...

Shes very stylish, great interview

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