Say Hello To The New Member Of The Family....

The Is This Real Life? family that is!
I want to introduce to you this blogs sister
I can't tell you how excited i am to be able to finally share this with you all!
The basic idea of ......Continued is
-Take an item of clothing
-Give it to people all over the world to Wear in there own way
-They send in pictures of them wearing it
-Everyone votes
-Whoever styles it best Wins the item of clothing
-Trust me it's easier than it sounds!
To get the full idea of how it works just click onto the link for the blog and it explains all over there!
The reason why I have started this project is because I know that a lot of you out there are like me, there is hundreds of clothes or jewellery or even shoes that you love or you just can't afford!
That's when I came up with the idea of ......Continued!
A fun way for everyone to get a chance of having a must-have item but without the price tag.
This new blog will in also become a kinda street style/personal style blog as the "Lucky Few" who are chosen each time will have all there pictures with them wearing the item posted up on the blog too!
It's just something a little bit different and new!
This blog will carry on as normal, this new blog is not replacing this more like just extending the family. I will be posting everyday as normal on here so please keep reading!
I really hope you like the idea and some of you will be up for trying this out!
Its open to anyone - blog or no blog from anywhere in the world!
I will be putting the first item up very soon so just keep an eye out for it!
I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone for there support on this blog and I hope you enjoy the new one to!
So go take a look and tell me what you think!
Oh and if you love it pass it on, the more the merrier, it will be like the blog world version of The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants, Ha Ha!


Damsels said...

im going to follow your new one now .

so you are going to have two?

Liya said...

woot i have saved the link
will look it over more in the morning :)

Sophie said...

This sounds like a fun idea. I will have to check the blog out!xo

KATIA said...

That's such a great idea! Should be really really intresting to see. But wouldn't it get a little compicated? And where will the items come from? :s

yiqin; said...

Wow, new blog!

Anonymous said...

this is so cool!f definately interested!!