MK and A

So MK and ASHLEY have launched an eye wear collection with Linda Farrow
I am so glad they have finally done this, considering how famous they are for wearing sunglasses. The collection has four pairs in it, This is three of them here (I couldn't find a good enough picture of the fourth, sorry)
I really think they are lovely
They capture the Olsen's brand and style without just downright copying it.
My faves have got to be the last pair, just vintage-style and beautiful
The prices start between£325 to £398
Slightly upsetting as I now realise I will only be able to afford topshops rip offs of them ,ha ha!
Will you be splashing out and buying them?
Oh did anyone watch that show last night about Kate Moss's hairdresser?
I think it might just have been on in the UK
But I loved it , I am not a big fan of Kate but it was so strange to see her on the show just being normal, If you are a fan of the Moss you should def. check it out here,
And I now totally want him to cut my hair, but I really do think there is no need at all to ever pay £500 for a haircut even if he does cut a supermodels hair!

p.s oops, just realised i've cut half of the glasses off but you still get the idea of what they look like,sorry!


The Haute-Shopper said...

I like the second pair, but no... I won't be splurging on them either. I prefer my shades to be black actually and thankfully I've managed to not-break my favorite pair yet, so I have no excuse to buy more :)

rebecca said...

love the second pair! very upset by how expensive they are. no way am i buying them but a girl can dream!x

Maud said...

Mk and AShley are so cute!