I've dropped my words on the floor can you pick them up for me?

Images from google. we heart it, flickr , various other places that I can not remember
Why I chose these pictures.......
1. Kinda answers that question on it's own
2. I read this which made me laugh and realise that I miss colouring in with Crayola crayons , Just sitting with a colouring book for hours trying so hard not to go outside the lines (I was a perfectionist at a very young age)Whenever i smell that waxy candle smell it always makes me think of them
3. I just love this image the sunset looks beautiful
4. One of my favourite books, if you haven't read it please do so, It may or (may not) change your life
5. I want her hair
6. See above answer
7. I was watching the X Factor last night and it always reminds me of this sparkly tape that falls on them when they win
8. I love photo booths and it just made me smile
Sunday Inspiration
From me To you

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Phoebe said...

I love this selection of pictures. I've recently become obsessed with weheartit - i could spend hours on there!

rebecca said...

such cool inspirations. i wanna read that book now. i just googled it and it looks AMAZING. just really interesting. also i love that photo in the sunset. they all just look so free jumping in the cold water. they sort of have this immortal calmness. i better shut up now otjherwise im going to have a whole easy here in your comments box! good night and thanx again for the inspiration x

miss_vogue said...

i really love this post!

quelle said...

i love this collection of photos; it made me smile. :)

KATIA said...

Great photos :) and quotes, made me smile