I heart you Monki

Today I stumbled upon a clothing website called Monki
I had briefly heard of this in the past but I'd never bothered to check it out before
until today
Oh my, I couldn't believe my eyes
Pages and pages of the most beautiful well designed and on trend clothing
I found my self in love with genuinely every piece
Which never happens
So i was even more happy when i looked at the prices
The clothing is actually AFFORDABLE
I am so used to seeing an amazing dress and finding out it was like £300
So I was so happy that I had found what seemed like the most perfect clothes shop ever
Until I realised you cannot buy it in the UK
I cannot believe this
It's like why have a website showing us what we can have and then tell us
"Oops sorry no you can't!"
I think i now understand what it's like for people who don't have a Topshop where they live!
So I thought I would show you some of my favourite pieces from the site
Which is basically what i want my winter wardrobe to look like.
Chunky knits, loose sweaters, rolled up chinos and some velvet dresses!
So here is the website, take a look but I am just warning you be prepared to be disappointed if you are from the UK or one of the other Monki deprived countries!
Oh and please do tell me if you know of any info about Monki coming to the UK


The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Love that first garment!
And the striped ones ofc

rosie said...

at first, i was gonna say "ooh, i love the 2nd, 3rd, and then oh also 4th, 5th..." and then i realised i pretty much love every piece! hahaha!

so much potential in all of 'em. ;-)

kpeach said...

these are amazing-I'm responding before I go to it to see if they sell in the US (fingers crossed) xx

Maud said...

Love the skirt

JT said...

THey have some of the coolest stuff!!!

glad you liked it too!!

loving your blog!
first time!


Anonymous said...

love the clothes! gorgeous..the kind of outfits i would wear when i go away to the maine over the summer to go lobster catching...a kind of nautical theme going on with the striped oversized shirt and the rolled up khaki pants. love it

yiqin; said...

The secxond jacket is way too amazing :)

Anonymous said...

Yes Monki is amazing. It is one of my favorites too. It's swedish (which I am too) and it just opened in Copenhagen where I used to live so I am hoping for you it will open in the UK.

I got the navy blazer and the striped wool sweater and they are just really cool!!!!

Anonymous said...

By the way here is the blog of one of the shop/product responsible for monki...

you can ask her yourself:


Allure said...

I love Monki as well, it's a pity they don't ship worlwide.

Anonymous said...

i emailed monki and asked them about an online shop and they said hopefully by the summer of 2010. im just as in love and you guys and am literally counting down the days! xxx


Not many people know that the brand is owned by H&M who also own COS, Weekday (which is my favourite - a little bit edgier than MONKI) and also Cheap Monday jeans.

I do like Monki & the store concept & I definitely think it would appeal to the masses in the UK.