a girl who is a model

Images from TFS

This is Makenzie Weinman
She is a model
I think she is awesome
She looks like she could be of some relation to MK and A and Isabel Lucas I think
I love how a couple of these pics have a kinda grainy vintage feel!
Oh and I have finally gotten round to "Following" peoples blogs,
If you have followed me then I will follow you back
If you want me to follow you then just leave me a comment and I'll get round to it, same goes for link exchanges just leave me a comment too!
I will stop writing now as I am starting to confuse myself with all this "Following" talk!
Have a great weekend!


yiqin; said...

I love her hair :D

cookies+creme said...

she is gorgeous!! & i would love to exchange links with you!! let me know!

Annie said...

she's so pretty!
i love her eyes and her hair!

so inspirational!

love annie <3.

rebecca said...

wow. she is so beautiful. we can definately do a link and following thing exchange. i follow you blog on bloglovin so you can follow me on bloglovin and i will put you on my link list as soon as ive finished writing this comment! x

multiple colors said...

she's so damn gorgeous :) love the photos!

the gorgeous said...

The pics are awesome and the model is gorgeous!! totally agree with you!