Fashion Girl-Olivia Thirlby

Images from TFS

Well my love for a good indie movie helped me stumble across Olivia a little while ago

I think she is a awesome actress but more than that i love her style

I think she has got this really natural quality about her which reflects itself in her style

Fashion wise I think she is really under rated

Personally i think she has much more style than a lot of people who are held up as style icons just because they have a great stylist (Not mentioning any names-Cheryl Cole!)

But that's just my opinion and I wanna hear yours

Do you love her style?

p.s-Sorry about the crazy spacing between sentences.
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Sally said...

have to agree, it irritates me when people get credit for being stylish when they clearly have someone decide what they should wear! x

yiqin; said...

So damn gorgeous!!

lastminutedreams said...

she's gorgeous. The 5 picture is my fav, love her style!! * * and I agree with Sally!

KATIA said...

She has an amazing smile. And I agree about her having a natural quality :)

Sophie said...

She is gorgeous, i see what you mean about her having a real natural quality about her. I really like her style.xo

loft in soho said...

I love her style!


Alyssa said...

Completely under rated, so much that she wasn't even on my fashion radar... until now.
Super chic, I love the first photo!

mom & son said...

she's indeed gorgeous lady!
i love her style!

Patty Ann said...

she's beautiful
i cant believe i haven't heard of her before!!!
love the second pic the most!!

Gerri Ward said...

WOW! She is GORGEOUS but her style is INGENIOUSLY FAB!!!!:)