Images from Office and google
Agyness Deyn at LFW Burberry show
In these boots from office
I think she looks awful but I am a fan of these boots
I wasn't at first but they are growing on me
What do you think?
Rad or Bad?
Oh and I have set up a Modepass account but to be honest with you I don't really know what to do with it, I kinda set it up without knowing exactly what it was, Is it just like a fashion version of Myspace?
And some how I have ended up on the front page, I don't know if they do that to everyone that signs up they probably do, but if you want to add/join/follow whatever the correct term is then click here


Sophie said...

I do like these boots, as for the rest of her outfit not too sure. I like the dress and jacket but not sure about them with the socks. Thats just me though! xo

Grace said...

I like the over the knee socks.

Love Grace.

Patty Ann said...

wow agyness
amazing here
how does she totally pull it off???
ahahhaha its so quirky and funny, but it looks great on her!!!

Liya said...

i love em!

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! I luv these FAB soles, they are solely FASHIONABLE!!!:))

SAUVAGE said...

They're a cross between docs and oxfords.. Not for me, but I can see liking them on someone like Alexa Chung.

Great blog!


The Haute-Shopper said...

The shoes are great, but I probably would have paired them with another outfit (i.e. a plaid dress with thick tights or something that isn't too contrasting). I realize she's trying to be edgy again, but just because pale silk and black leather don't match, doesn't make it innovative. I like the dress and jacket on their own though. Personally, the thigh-high sheer socks are what kills the outfit the most!

Ash Fox said...

i love her hair. the black really works.