Who Wears It Best?

Alexa and Diane wearing Opening Ceremony

Alexa and Diane wearing Chanel
Alexa and Diane wearing Jason Wu

Ok, this is a hard one for me
I know Alexa has like became this massive star in America but when she was on tv over here I kinda found her infuriatingly annoying, (in a kinda Peaches Geldof way)
Although I always thought she had great style
And I really do like Diane's style I think she is very chic and classic but A small part of me finds her a little bit predictable and boring, although very stylish at the same time
But I think I would def. say Alexa wins this one for me
As much as i don't rate her as a presenter, I think she was a really talented model
And I love how she doesn't let the clothes wear her, if you know what I mean
She always gives them a little twist!
So it's up to you
Who wears it best?
Alexa or Diane?
P.s sorry about the pictures being a little blurry
P.P.s. Oh can I just say how beautiful is that Opening Ceremony dress, I can not describe how much I feel i need that dress!


Phoebe said...

i love that last dress on Alexa

Fashion&Such said...

i've always loved Alexa Chung!!!
& I feel she wears these clothes much better, always puts her on twist on things.

KATIA said...

I definitly agree with you. Alexa wears it best. She just seems to add something to the clothes whereas Diane seems to just be wearing them (she looks great nonetheless)

Anonymous said...

love them both.

they have great style both of them.

HoneyBunny said...

For me it's definitely Alexa;)

STARR said...

It's tough but the last dress on Alexa definitely wins it for me.

Damsels said...

the first and last are alexa win to me /..... i dislike her actaullly . shes not even funny . and if anyone gets the sort of dry deadpan awkaward humor its me .

she annoys me .

the middle one goes to diane ..

roxybina said...


Gerri Ward said...

OMG! They're both sooo FAB, hmmm, I still can't decide!!!:)

fritha louise said...

Alexa on the first two, then both on the last. Although I do love Diane Kruger's style most of the time :)

The Haute-Shopper said...

They both look fab but I think Alexa is more innovative with how she styles her outfits. Like the first dress... they both look incredible, but the extra touch of the belt and the booties made the whole outfit look a bit edgier. I also prefer her choice of styling the blue Chanel dress with the long pearls and black tights. I do know what you mean about her being annoying though, but thankfully I've only ever seen her talk a handful of times ;-)

Anonymous said...

1- both
2- alexa
3- diane