when you look at me tell me what you see? this is what you get it's the way i am

Found Via KnightCat
I just love this picture of these models
The lipstick is actually phenomenal looking
I could totally see Lady GaGa rockin' it
But the question is would you..........?
Oh and a virtual high five to anyone who recognises where the lyrics in the title come from
This probably only applies to peeps from the Uk 'cause i don't know if this "Modern Day Classic" ever reached the rest of the world!
This picture just made me think of it!
EDIT- The song lyrics are from Holly Valance's Kiss Kiss!


Britty said...

it not me i think it more lady gaga she look pretty exciting

katrina said...

hah, great lips!
it would be strange to wear it everyday, but in special events- why not?:D


Eva Internazionale said...

Probably not. Although I do love the violet one.

Valencia Lia said...

I love love the violet lips !!! Heeee Maybe not for everyday wear,but on special events . Hell YEA :))

Damsels said...

i doubt i could wear it .. but it looks awesome on them ..
wait maybe ican do it ...stay tuned ;)

mom & son said...

oh wow, they both look gorgeous!
i love those colorful lipsticks!
hmm...i might try those colors!lol!


WorkItBerk said...

The lipstick looks amazing!

rebecca said...

where is that lyric from? im english and i still dont know it! i dont think i would wear the lipstick coz i think unfortunately only models can really get away with it, i think on normal people like you and me it would just look tacky. very unfair;( x

KATIA said...

I wouldn't I would feel like an alian? :p

Patty Ann said...

metallic lips!
yeah i dont i could pull that off in real life!