Nasty Gal Vintage

Images from Nasty Gal
Seriously It's unbelievable how much of the clothes on Nasty Gals Site I want
They just have some of the most amazing pieces ever!
I've just picked a few of my faves
To check out all the other pieces of loveliness go here!
Oh and the dress in the first picture may officially be my dream dress, I've never saw anything so awesome!


Sophie said...

The first dress is gorgeous, I can see why its your dream dress! xo

WorkItBerk said...

Nasty Gal is amazing. Almost amazing as its founder, Sophia. I actually was able to catch her on the street in her signature style here.

The Haute-Shopper said...

Love that first dress! I can't believe those animal screen prints are making a comeback but I'm glad they're way cooler than what they had in the 80s ;-)

Adela said...

i love that maxi dress!

Gerri Ward said...

WOW! THAT dress is VINTAGE FABULOUS and it's solely ADELA !!!:)