Images from MadeMe
I have just stumbled across this label
And I really think it's great
I like how there is a little bit of everything going on but it still works
Like how you've got the plaid mixed with denim, fur and florals!
Got to say I think my fave piece's are def, the floral hoody/jacket and the ripped Tee!
Oh and is it just me or does the model seem to have like the most amazing hair ever?
Super cool!
Well, you can go and have a look at there super new shiny website here!


Eva Internazionale said...

Wow, the hair!

Violet said...

I love the last three pictures... I love her hair too

Vi from Cali

mel said...

i like the atmosphere of these cool

miss_vogue said...

wow great find, i love it all!

Gladys Lopez said...

seems to be like a really cool line! :D

Claire said...

thanks for commenting on my blog. i LOVE yours. I love the floral jacket really badly.. sorta looks like the same print of these topshop shorts i own. I could match :D

kelse said...

love it all
and her hair is amazin x

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! Her HAIR FABULOUSLY ROCKS and sooo does MadeMe!!!:)

Sophie said...

I love the floral hooded jacket as amazing! And have to agree the model has awesome hair.xo

mom & son said...

i absolutely adore all the photos!