Interview with LnA

A little while ago I decided that I wanted to start to do some interviews for this blog. As well as showcasing new designers, brands and super stylish peeps, I wanted the blog to kinda go behind the lookbooks and photo shoots and find out why these talented people who I feature on my blog do what they do. I will be interviewing all kinds of different people, sometimes you might have heard of them and sometimes you might not have, but the whole point of these interviews is to try and find something new and hopefully be a little bit inspired by these people's success whether it be big or small!
I am beyond excited to let you know that the first people kind enough to agree to do an interview with me is the beautiful and fabulous designers from LnA (pictured below)
Anyone who reads this blog will know what a massive fan of the brand I am, so I was totally geeking out when they agreed to do the first interview!
I find both of these girls really inspiring and I hope you do to!
Let me know what you think!

Interview with Lauren Alexander and April Leight
Designers behind LnA

Hey Girls!
1. So, I would love to know a little bit about your fashion backgrounds, if you trained and how you came together to start LnA?April and I met through a mutual friend when I was designing for my first line … she came over to buy some of my dresses and 2 weeks later we decided to start LNA. I never went to college, I hated school! April went to Santa Barbara then FIDM to study merchandise marketing.
2. A lot of people who have creative careers such as fashion designers, artists, etc. say they had a defining moment in their life that made them know that was the job they wanted. Did either of you have this "Oh My God, I want to be a designer moment" because of something, like your first art class, or a movie with beautiful costumes? -It’s weird, It’s just something I (Lauren) always knew I wanted to do. I’ve actually begun digging through old boxes from school and I found all my old school papers and projects. In almost every paper I talk about how I’m going to move to LA to become a fashion designer! I don’t even remember writing it! I (April)always knew I would do something in fashion, I would love to shop for clothes and I would love to dress up like my favorite musicians. I didn’t know what I was going to do in fashion until I was around 27 years old when I knew i had to design a better tshirt for women.
3. LnA is one of my favourite labels. I just love everything about it and what it stands for. In my opinion it has really turned basics into luxury must-have items. Did you imagine when you both started the company in 2007 that only 2 years later it would have made such an impact and be so established already? -You are so sweet! Yes, that was definitely our goal with LNA- We wanted to design basics with an edge....wardrobe staples with a twist. When April and I met we were both wearing men’s white T-shirts. We thought this is what we live in, how can we take this basic idea of a white T-shirt and make a statement with it. When we started LNA , no one was really designing lux tee’s like ours.
4. LnA is worn by a lot of celebrities, is their anyone who you would love to see wear it, who hasn't already? -Well, having Kate Moss is pretty unreal. Her support for LNA is amazing and she really has been such a great supporter of us which means a lot. We’d like to see Jamie Hince in LNA actually! We’re also huge Kills fans.
5. I can't wait to see your new S/S 2010 Lookbook, I always think the styling is really great too, they are like little mini pieces of art. Can you give me any details on the new collection, inspiration, fabrics, etc? -For Spring 2010 we used the early 90’s as inspiration... 90210, Saved by the Bell, and Weird Science. The proportions this season are a lot different than what we have done in the past. The tops are a lot shorter and wider and the bottoms all have much higher waistlines. We experimented with mesh this season as well: T-shirts that have alternating cotton and mesh stripes is one of my favorite pieces for Spring! We also have a new spandex fabric that comes in 4 shimmer colors: red, gold, silver, and a mermaid green. The shimmer leggings in silver look amazing at night! Spring is definitely our favorite collection so far. We really stretched the idea of a basic every way possible.

1.Worst fear-
Not finishing the collection on time! I cut it waaayyy to close to deadlines!
2. Favourite fashion blog- yours of course! =) We also love and
3. Best piece of advice- never never never never give up.
4. Favourite album/song- favorite song: Radiohead, talk show host. I love the Horrors, the Kills, Joy Division, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Delta Fiasco... I also just bought the new Big Pink album..


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