I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair!

Images from Google
These beautiful headpieces are from Littledoe
They are designed by Chase Cohl a 21 year old student and musician
I think they are just so mystical
I love the whole 60's hippie vibe too, it's just so Almost Famous, right?
Oh i would just adore one of these, or them all actually
There is nothing i love more than feathers in my hair, probably down to watching too much Pocahontas in my childhood
But these are just a dream!
For some reason the website does not work for Little Doe
but I have found out that they are all custom made and you can put in for an order by emailing
Prices range from $250-$400


E said...

oh how beautiful pictures! i like your blog :-)

rebecca said...

they are so beautiful. i love headpieces but my forehead is too small so i cant wear them coz i look wierd with one on! x

Julia mode said...

lovely blog


Patty Ann said...

i just saved all those pictures
so pretty
and magical looking
and yes very, hippie too!
i like i like
too bad its so expensive for the headbands!


WildFlower said...

So gorgeous and enchanting! I think I have read about Little Doe before?? Anyway cheers for posting, very informative...also that shoe designer in the post below is amazing!!!? Kinda love how they are photographed too.

mom & son said...

these are all awesome editorials!
every headpieces is so fabulous!


Anonymous said...

the girl in the 6th photo looks like kate hudson! wish the pieces weren't so expensive x

Velo said...

great post! i save those images!
very inspirational

Carissa said...

wow. these are beautiful! I love the flowery head-piece. wish I had some :)

Anonymous said...

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