Images from Hudson Jeans
This is the ad campaign that Georgia May Jagger has done for the fabulous Hudson Jeans
I love these images I think she looks Fierce
Check out the website here for the rest of the images!


katrina said...

she's gorgeous, i love her teeth gap!:)


Hanako66 said...

such a cool ad campaign!

Liya said...

this girl makes everything and anything look cool

Dani said...

i like the ads too... and i also like hudson jeans, although i haven't bought a pair in quite awhile.

¶ M said...

Ohh I'm loving this shoot. I love the patterns :)

love the blog btw!

Anonymous said...

i think she's gorgeous, but a little young for these kinda photos. the ad on youtube made me feel like a pervert! agh i feel so old and boring saying that. x