The GG Girls

Taylor Momsen
Blake Lively
Leighton Meester
So, the one thing I noticed at fashion week was that the girls from "Gossip Girl"
seemed to be everywhere
I've got to be honest when GG first started and the girls were pictured out and about in their own clothing, I was more than a little disappointed
I just felt that their style was so Blah looking compared to their character
Like, when the OC was on I felt that even though Rachel Bilson's and Mischa Barton's style was really different from their characters amazing wardrobe, it was still creative and stylish and often trend setting!
But as the years have went by I really feel like the girls from GG are starting to pave out their style, I don't think they always get it right yet but I've got to say it's heaps better than it was!
So, who do you all think brought it the most at NY Fashion Week?
Here's my take-
Taylor Momsen- Ok, I get that she is in a band and she is like supposedly all hard core rock'n'roll, man!
But seriously she is like 16 and somehow I'm just not buying it. Don't get me wrong i am loving that she is finding her own style i just feel bad for her that everyone is watching her doing it, I some how don't think that in a few years time she will be loving the whole knickers and suspenders as much! But i do love the fact she wasn't scared to try such a bold look at a fashion event!
Blake Lively- Out of everyone i think her style has evolved the most
I really love her outfits from fashion week, I think she seems to have found what works for her shape and what doesn't. I think she looks totally beautiful in the first pic, such a stunning outfit and really flattering! And the second is just a fail safe classic look for her and I think it's great that she is still mixing it up with the statement jacket!
Leighton Meester- I think she is the most hit and miss of the three girls. I detest the first outfit, am in love with the second and the third confuses me but I think i do like it mostly!
In the second outfit I think it is just perfect for her. Flattering, chic but still young and a lot more individual than her normal looks, I think she looks really stunning in this one!
I just don't think she can pull of the third one it's too edgy mish - mash for her!
And the first is just wrong i can't even say anything else about it, i don't know why i feel so strongly about it but i do!
Ok so my winner of most stylish Gossip Girl at fashion week is-Blake Lively, which is weird because i really don't normally like her style but like i said it's changing and I really think her outfits were great, some a little safe but still great!
What do you think, do you agree with me?
Who do you think looked best?
I wanna know!


mel said...

hmm i prefer the blair and serena style :)

KATIA said...

leighton is definitly my favorite :) Taylor pulls off the rocker rebel look well but I don't know.. I personally like that look in peices rather than full on, if you know what I mean? And Blake doesn't give me a stylish vibe. To me she just follows orders? I could be wrong!

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! They are sooo Fashionably FAB, I don't think I have a FAVE but if I had to choose it would solely be BLAKE!!!:)
p.s. COOL post!

Sophie said...

I love gossip girl, i finally got round to watching the first episode of the new series last night! I think they all look stunning and its nice that they all have such different styles. I have to agree that I dont really like leighton meesters first outfit, there is something about the thrid one though that i find oddly interesting and cute. xo

yiqin; said...

They all have such great style after work ;)

Kelsey Kaysen said...

i love all these girls so much..they are all so stunning and have sweet style
check out my blog if you have the chance


you were right from the very first sentence. and its hard to pick the winner, cause their pretty face really covers it all. but i must say, leighton meester looks almost perfect in her 3rd pic.


Damsels said...

i agree with you .. and i think blake lively looked best ..taylor disappointed

Mila said...

I would choose Leighton.Great style!

ryder said...

i was really surprised to discover that in real life Leighton Meester is more more sexier and styled than blake, i find blake so plain and boring style vise, and i think the roles should change.... leighton dressed perfectly.
taylor is way too much in teen rebel fase.

rebecca said...

its wierd im gonna have to agree with you on this one. im also not a big fan of blakes dress sense but shes the only one who looked really good in all the shots. she does have really gorgeous skin and i think it makes her clothes look better. does that make sense?!! no it really doesnt! never mind x

Dani said...

yeah, i think they're all still figuring their style out... blake seems to have the most consistently good outfits. taylor can be overly rocker to the point where it gets unattractive... leighton is so gorgeous! but she's VERY hit or miss.

haha ok so i basically just agree with you and didn't have to write all that. ;)

Patty Ann said...

i really like taylor's style....but but but after reading her feature in teen vogue, i was so disappointed at how full of her self she sounded. leighton's really cute, but totally agreed that her style is very hit or miss

tis serendipity said...

Oh my gosh Leighton's outfits are just really awesome... I think she looks pretty darn cool in the last one actually! XDD May I know where you got the photo from? I'd love to check out the website and check out more photos out the celebs from Fashion Week!!

This was a cool feature post!

Kristin said...

I think Blake keeps getting better and Leighton has had some delicious red carpet moments.