The Gap

I first saw this ad on the back cover of the ASOS magazine (which is awesome) last month
Firstly I was a little surprised as i didn't know Lily was in one of Gap's campaigns
And secondly I instantly feel in love with the blazer she is wearing
It is just more than perfect
So then my mission began to find it
Which you think would have been simple but it really really wasn't
It feels like everywhere in the world has sold out
and ASOS even says they don't think they will be getting them back which is so super sad
So, I'm still blazer-less!
If you happen to stumble upon one somewhere please let me know?
Anyway, how awesome does Lily look in this ad, I think this style really suits her
I'm such a sucker for a Gap campaign especially the Christmas ones!
So, are you coveting anything this month but you just can't seem to find it,
I wanna know, It will make me feel better about my blazer situation, Ha Ha!


katrina said...

I just rifted a 1 dollar blazer.:)



Marian said...

hope you soon get a great blazer! try the mens section in thrift Lily in this ad,it is the best i have ever seen her.
her look and style has really grown up

Sophie said...

I didnt realise Lily was in one of Gaps campaigns...she looks stunning though! I hope you find your blazer.xo

KATIA said...

The tie in my hair actually is from a dress from H&M I got maybe 2 summers ago! It's probably the same as yours :) it's amazing you noticed! She looks adorable here! I have that blazer in grey!! haha :)

Beth said...

Love the way Lily can go effortlessly from Chanel to Gap ads
She looks amazing!
Awesome post

Damsels said...

the blazer is stunning but perhaps you can find one in a thrift shop.. everywhere girls seem to be getting vintage blazers ..

Wendy-May said...

im not coveting anything in particular but i want new things, which i just cannot find! that is a lovely blazer x

The Haute-Shopper said...

I almost didn't recognize her in that campaign! She looks terrific. I actually saw this blazer in London's Gap (and I just posted about the pop-up store). I don't suppose you know anyone there that could get it for you? All the stores there had a good selection of the 1969 stuff. I do think they should be getting more in though. They will undoubtedly try to sell more as Fashion Week rolls in...

Anonymous said...

Lily looks pretty good in this campaign and the blazer is very nice! Have you tried Zara? They've got some good ones in there!