Dear Beautiful Coat,

Images from Urban Outfitters
I love you, alot!


Anonymous said...

Love this! I hope you're planning on getting it!

Eva Internazionale said...

You should!

Patty Ann said...

i love this coat with the navy and red details!!!
i love longer coats, i'm also really into this one, which has a similar feel to it, totally different color and longer, but your picture reminded me of this:

what do you think of it???? its on the right side of the picture in the background actually

katrina said...

that looks just. . so gorgeous! i adore it, get it!!:)


Valencia Lia said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog !

The blue and the red details in this coat is amazing !!!! Ahhhhh,you should buy it without a doubt !

So beautiful <3

Dani said...

get it get it get it! then photograph it and put it on your blog so i can live vicariously through you! haha

Gerri Ward said...

Solely classic and YOU!!!:)