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So, I know some of you will probably be familiar with this online store
But If not then I want to introduce you to the fabulous Covert Candy
The basic idea is that you upload unwanted clothes that you don't want anymore or you never wear.
Instead of getting money when someone buys them you get credits
You then use these credits to "buy" other items from the website
The more you put up the more credit you get!
It's really cool it's kinda just like getting clothes for free
Also It saves you money and your helping the environment by reusing clothing
Oh and they also have a vintage clothing store on the site
I've got to admit this is my favourite section
All the vintage clothes are handpicked in Paris, so they are really unique
They have probably the prettiest selection of vintage i have saw online!
It's just all really awesome and ladylike
The store is being updated early this week with around 180 new items from Paris
So keep an eye out for that
The best thing about it all though is the price!
These new items will be between £7-£15
Honestly, for the quality your getting it's amazing!
I have to warn you that if you check out the site there is a really big chance you will come away having bought half of it!
So I will stop my gushing about my love for it and let you all go and have a look for yourself!
P.S the images above are from the vintage store
They are a few of my fave picks!
Seriously i can't tell you how in love i am with the denim jacket
I have been looking for the exact one forever!


yiqin; said...

The denim jacket looks really nice!!

daisy kate said...

Hi :) So sorry it's taken so long to reply to your comments on my blog, I've been really busy moving to university in Manchester! But thank you so much for your comments, I hope you pop by again soon :)
I am definately going to have to check out this store! :)

Liya said...

oooo i am defs checking out this site
thanks for stopping by :):)

Caroline Robianto said...

the yellow dress humm intriguing :P
thanks for dropping by on my blog and the lovely comment!