Beau Coops

Images from Google Images
This line of footwear is called "Beau Coops"
It is designed by the girl behind the footwear lines of Alexander McQueen and Eley Kishimoto
Basically she is like a shoe designing genius and this is her first collection!
I can't remember a time when i have been so in love with a whole shoe collection
I am so fussy with shoes, normally when i see a collection i like a few individual styles but wouldn't even look at the rest
But not this one
I just think each shoe/boot is perfect
I love how there is a masculine feel to some of them and quite a hard, edgy vibe to them but you could easily pair them with a cute dress and they would look fierce!
Sadly for most people like me they will be hideously over your shoe buying budget
Which is more than a little upsetting
But for the rest of you lucky people with Lot's of shoe buying money
You will have to wait until February 2010 to get your hands on them
But you can pre-order them right now here as they look like they will all be sell outs!
So will you be buying any if so which pair of little beauties will be yours?


Damsels said...

im definitely over my budget on everything .. but if i werent all of the boots with the visible zippers would be candidates for my closet.

rebecca said...

yeah definately over my budget but i can still dream of money suddenly falling into my purse! x

Nubia said...

over my budget too ladies but I can always dream as well these are amazing

yiqin; said...

The shoes are really to die for!!

Sophie said...

Unfortunately they are over my shoe budget as well, but if they werent i would love the grey ones with the zips. They are all gorgeous though.xo

Claire said...

if those are electric blue suede booties... i may just have to extend the budget.... <3 C

Valencia Lia said...

Ohhhhh my,this is so amazing ! I'll surely buy the 1st and 10th shoes:)

But they are way over my budget,so that's too bad :(

Dylana said...

WOW! All of these are fabulous! Every single pair is perfect and so unique. I need to check this line out!

Anonymous said...

i can't decide what pair i love more!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

what lovely shoes, I want one of each please!

The Haute-Shopper said...

Wow, what an awesome collection! I agree... I love every single one of them. The wedges are fantastic and finally, a pair of thigh-highs that don't look too slutty. Such a shame they'll only be available next year and I wonder which offline retail stores will sell these.

M. and O. said...

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Patty Ann said...

wow loved those shoes
all of them
soooo pretty
want want want!