Pixie Lott Style

Images from TFS
So, if you don't know her already this is the new singer Pixie Lott
She has released a few singles in the UK already and is making quite an impression
I've got to say I'm loving her music
It's just really fun pop
But I am kinda loving music just now that you can sing-a-long and dance to!
Aside from the music
I really like her style
It's young and fun but with a kinda 60's bohemian vibe to it
I like the way she doesn't seem to take it too serious but still looks stylish
Also she makes me want my blonde hair back because hers look so pretty!
So what do you think?
Is she a new style setter/icon?
Oh and I'll leave you with a really beautiful cover she did of Kings Of Leon's
Use Somebody-Enjoy!


The Haute-Shopper said...

I can't say I've heard of her (I must be getting old), but I do love her style! Those heart-shaped shades are adorable and I think it's awesome she turned up at an even wearing Hunter boots! I'll have to check out her music now...

Style Bird said...

Great looks!!

Phoebe said...

Her entrance boots in her new boys and girls video are just what i want!

Damsels said...

she is super gorgeous . ilove her hair color .

WorkItBerk said...

Love the blazer in the first photo. Great pick!


Alanna said...

i love the first look.

I love your blog,its amazing! certainly one of the best I've seen, may i link you?

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! Thanks for introducing her! I have not heard of her, she is sooo talented! She has such a beautiful voice and YES I do think Pixie Lott is going to be a STYLE SETTER!

Linka said...

Her style is awesome!!! I need those red boots in my life :)