Glitter Girls

Natasha Khan from Bat For Lashes
Kate Moss
Drew Barrymore
Lily Allen
So is it just me or are you sensing a new trend from these fashionistas?
Is face paint the new black?
I'm really loving this micro trend
(as Elle UK would call it, Ha Ha!)
I don't think there is anything more fun than wearing face paint
I adore lily's purple/pink glitter
and Natasha's rainbow is just perfect,right?
I mean i get that this isn't for every day wear
But I'm def. gonna try it out when the appropriate occasion arises
What about you will you be joining La Moss
In Team Face Paint?
Oh and I want to say a MASSIVE thanks to the wonderful blog Lulu Letty and the Fab Peluxe
For both giving me awards for the blog!
I really, really appreciate it!
So for one of the awards I've to tell you 10 random fact's about myself-
I always struggle with theses but here goes-
1. This is currently one of my fave websites it just always makes me smile!
2. I used to think unicorns were real- No joke! Nobody ever told me they weren't so I just assumed they were some strange from of a horse- you can see my logic, right?
3. I adore dance movies, I could genuinely watch one everyday, I think center stage has got to be my fave, yesterday i just watched the follow up to it-Turn it up, Loved it!
4. I make and sell hand-made greeting cards- Want one-Go here!
5. Last year When I had my final year school social (Scottish version of a prom, but not as good) I randomly met Liza Minnelli, very random long story!
6. Currently at this exact moment in time my favourite band is Frightened Rabbit, please check them out if you haven't already! awesomeness in a band!
7. I really want to see the movie bandslam I know it looks kinda bad but I just can't help myself watching feel good movies about nothing!
8. I'm a part time vegetarian, excluding holidays such a Christmas and Easter! Everyone has got to eat turkey on Christmas day right?
9. I'm currently addicted to watching the TV show Heartland, It's very random but i love it, i think it might be a Canadian show, but it's really making me want to live on a horse ranch- a big deal considering i don't even like horses!
10. My favourite drink in Starbucks is Summer- Mango and Passion fruit juice drink Winter- Hot chocolate with creme!
I've to pass this award onto 5 blogs
This was really difficult as there is so many amazing blogs I love
But The award goes to-


Style Bird said...

Great post.

Damsels said...


love natasha

Eliza said...

oh i loved reading those facts about you :))! and i find the one about the unicorns particularly interesting. i think it's great, really. i wish no one told me that they weren't real, so i could believe it truly <3

Anonymous said...

i am so tempted to rip off kate moss's glitter star for my 18th. but knowing me, i'll look like a KISS member instead. haha.

how cool would it be if unicorns were real though! x

Grace said...

You are such a doll! Thanks for the kind gesture!

Love Grace.

CallMeDorothy said...

it does seem to be a trend...but hard to pull of in day-to-day, real, non famous life..which sucks!

Natasha Khan looks especially gorgeous. Great colors on her!

Little Monarch said...

great post. great blog. I love the new face paint fad. check out Ely JAckson from La Roux. I love her.

*karo said...

wowowow awesooooomee!!

yiqin; said...

Kate's one's my favorite. Very chic.

She's Dressing Up said...

Natasha's rainbow makeup is gorgeous!! Great answers =]

Damsels said...

i will link you as well

michellehendra said...

lovely glitter thingy!


KATIA said...

Thank you thank you! :)

Me, Martina said...

I love Kate and Drew!! Just fantastic!!