With a little help from my friends...

Images from Marie Claire
Love the styling in these pictures
I think the blazer in the second from last picture looks just perfect
Oh I need a little help from you guys
I wanna make my pictures bigger
but I don't know how to do it
I've tried things like photobucket but they always come out the same size for me
So your mission if you except it,
is to find me a quick and easy way to make my images bigger!
Thanks in advance!


yiqin; said...

The high waisted shorts are adorable! I agree, I love the black trimmings on the blazer.

Peluxe100 said...

I use my own program to resize pics; its called Irfanview, i don't know if you can download it or something...
I'd be happy to help you use it if you find it :)
That's if enlarging them within the blog post doesn't already work for you?

Rainbow Factory said...

nice editorial!

x Michelle

Style Bird said...

These are great pics.

Beki said...

Love the jackets, bright shorts, and hat!!!


Oh So Hip It Hurts said...

great shots! yeh i had the same problem..i use tiny pic but sometimes then they come out too big! however why not change your blog settings? you can change your layout to make more space for pictures. i did that and it was way better for my pics


Audrey said...

very nice photos! and the outfits - wow! the model is pretty :)

Ashley said...

Awesome boyish styling. Very youthful.


Grace said...

My what a great series.

Love Grace.