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All images from Very
This is some pieces from the new collection Peaches Geldof has done for PPQ
I really,really like some of these
I think the playsuit is just amazing, I want it so much
I always love PPQ's normal collection and I think you can really see they have kept the vibe of the brand but also let Peaches put her style and personality into it
Better than anything though is the price of the collection it ranges from £29 to £125
Which is an amazing price to beable to buy some PPQ for
I'm never a fan of people who aren't designers designing a collection
But I have to admit I think Peaches has done really well with this
What do you think?
Check out the whole collection over at the new fashion website VERY


Damsels said...

i think its pretty good although ive seen all of these before . its not too special. i do like the idea of pairing some bright stripes with a solid dar color shorts or pants .
very retro vibe

Alyssa said...

cute stuff! you always have the most fab finds!

Lo said...

these definitely look like pieces peaches would wear

Kristin said...

LOVE the red ruffled number!

erin said...

wow, i want all of them. peaches nailed it!
lovin' the orange and white stripes combo. and the necklines on the dresses are so refreshing.


A little Princess said...

Oh cute selection! I really feel bad for giving in to Peaches, but I really like the collection! Fab link xoxo

yiqin; said...

I love the second one. The stripes are perfect.

Dina-Dyorre said...

Oh wow thanks for telling us about it! Some of the dresses are so pretty!

selinaoolala said...

i was surprisingly lusting after peaches' offerings too! love the dress with the sheer sleeves xx