Renegades of Funk

Images from Hellz Bellz
I think this is one of the hippest labels around right now
They always make wearable clothes but with an edge!
Love the lookbook too
Oh and honestly I really need one of those feather headband's
Too cool!
And on to the important news
The winner of the giveaway is.........
Nadia from the fabulous blog We Were Damsels,
You will soon be the proud owner of some fierce Current/Elliott's
Thank you to
everyone else who entered too
Hopefully I will have some other lovely things to giveaway in the not so distant future so keep an eye out!


yourstokeep said...

do you have clothes you want to sell?
but dont want to make pesky accounts and use ebay?
You can sell and shop here!

Yours to Keeep

Jack McCready said...

I love the lookbook! Have you ever seen the lookbooks for Wildfox Couture Tees? Anyway great post.

Hanako66 said...

the photos are adorable!

Kashaya said...

Oh love those photos, the clothes looks really great!

Alanna said...

I LOVE these pictures

Anonymous said...

love the leopard print stockings & the cool tee's x

syd vicious said...

Congrats to Nadia! And my goodness these pictures are so cool and colorful!

Grace said...

Congrats Nadia! She deserves it!

Love their lookbook. And the model is so gorgeous.

Love Grace.

Kristin said...

LOVE that last tank!