Old man shoe

Another footwear related post
These are the Olivia Morris and Grenson collab
You know I would love a beaten' up pair of traditional Grensons
But i could totally see myself rocking the red and black and white pair
They are pretty cute, right?
I'm not too keen on the gold though?
Shame the prices start at £300!


Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

I love this style, especially the black and white ;)

Dani said...

i need a pair of brogue/oxford-type shoes. i love these... too bad about the price! maybe ebay, eventually? let's dare to dream.


Beki said...

I think the black and white ones with the purple laces are my favorite. I don't even have that much though!


Style Bird said...

I need these.

Peluxe100 said...

my friend just got some like this, they don't suit me though...


loft in soho said...

I love the b&w!


erin said...

they're all amazing. gotta say i like the black and white best!


Polished Sense said...

But I love them! I love the gold with the pink laces. Super-fabulous!


Julia said...

Oh these are fabulous!