Faking It

Images from Brown's Focus collab with Oonagh O'Hagan and Jessica Kagan Cushman

Well, it was only a few years ago
when if you went out on to the street with a FAKE designer handbag it was seen as the biggest fashion faux pas ever!
But fast forward a few years and and it seems that having a really blatant fake version of a designer handbag might actually be cooler and more fashionable than having the real deal?
These are a selection of some of my faves
I've got to say the fake Chanel's are definitely my choice
But even though the success of these bags rely heavily on the fact that they are making fun of the fact they are not a designer bag but they are obvious copies
They are still charging quite a bit of money for them
I just wonder if it is better in the long run to just keep your £80 that you would spend on the fake and save up for your dream designer bag?
What do you think
Are you gonna buy one or are you holding out for that designer handbag you've always wanted?


Kristen said...

These are hilarious and I would seriously love to have one of these ironic Chanel bags but.. If my inner exchange rate calculator is in any way correct - £80 would be roughly $130 and for THAT.. I'd just save up. Adorably ironic but, rip off.

Oh So Hip It Hurts said...

haha how clever! I have to say i probably wouldnt purchase one but hey i like how they're kind of taking a stab at highly expensive designer bags.


p.s stay tuned over the next few days for an exciting announcement!

The Haute-Shopper said...

I love these! I probably wouldn't get one... it's a lot of money to pay for a tote, I'd probably only use for grocery shopping or carrying my gym stuff around. I like the irony in it, but I'm wondering if they had to get the approval of Chanel, Hermes and LV, as they are using their logos or design. If not, LV will be slapping a big lawsuit on them soon!

Velo said...

haha... i love the first bag, simple but cool. =D

i heart fashion said...

wow love these! .x.

feather hunter said...

hahaha this has made my day!