Stormy Weather

Images from Harpers and Queens 2005
A couple of days ago we had a really bad electrical storm
And the lightening broke my house's heating, TV and computer
Thankfully we got everything sorted except from the computer
So I am having to use a really ancient laptop that is like the slowest thing in the world
and takes like an hour to load one photo
So, sorry for the random posts
Hopefully in a day or two my computer should be fixed and the blog will be back to normal
Oh and I can't manage to comment back to you all whilst I'm using this thing
But I appreciate them all so much
And I will get back to yous when my computer is fixed!


Luxi said...

eeek I hate when computers are slow, so stressful! love these dresses so much <3 especially the last^__^

visit me?


Damsels said...

those dresses are gorgeous .. how terrible about the electrical storm i would die
We Were Damsels

Stephanie Alex Shorr said...

that last dress, i can't even tell what it is actually, but i love it

Beki said...

I know totally how you feel! before we got this computer our old one took forever! I love the dress though, almost makes me want to get dressed up fancy(trust me that's saying something)!

yiqin; said...

Beautiful! My fave is the last one.

Hanako66 said...

these are soooo!

10ThMuse said...

ohh the first pic is so beautiful.. so much serenity is it