Rollin' With My Homies

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My love for fashion began when I watched Clueless for the first time
I must have been maybe only 5 years old when I first saw it
But I instantly loved it
I probably didn't even get half of the jokes or the storyline given my age
But that didn't matter
The reason I loved the movie so much was the fashion
Whether it was Cher's iconic white knee high socks
Or Dionne's awesome hat's
I just couldn't get enough of it
I used to watch it over and over
Each time noticing a different outfit or accessory
And I cannot tell you how much i used to beg my mum for a computerized wardrobe like Cher's
Even now over ten years later
I still love the film as much as i did then
I know it might not be the most high brow movie
But it shaped a generation and to me it's a classic
And If it wasn't for Cher and her friends
I really don't think I would love fashion as much as I do today
So I would love to know, what made you love fashion?


bookmanie said...

Hello,For you it is a direction you have taken, you give an explanation that describes you, ( "the conscience is a reflection of ourselves, what we believe to perceive by our senses"), you, you are passionate, here is reflected in your writing and how to display on your blog, (it does not read, it is felt). A good musician is a musician who plays for others, the bad are those who play for them. You know as much as I do, what you hear when you talk or sing is not what you hear after recording yourself...Bookmanie. Congratulations for you and your blog.

The Haute-Shopper said...

Oh my, Clueless! I remember watching this all the time with my best friend. God, the fashion was so OTT, but inspirational at the same time. I have no idea what inspired me to love fashion... probably a combination of my mom, reading all the magazines and in the end SATC pushed me over the edge. Thanks for that bit of nostalgia!

MM said...
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MM said...
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MM said...

OMG , same here.
I'm so jealous of her automatic electric wardrobe thing haha!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

KB said...

Ah, I loved Clueless too, even though I didn't quite get it. All the styles are coming back now, which is interesting. I think my Mum made me love fashion, she always looks glamorous and had loads of magazines around the house. I loved to draw models in my own designs each season. It all happened very young, and hasn't ever really stopped.

Anonymous said...

Yes I love this movie too. I was only 4 when it came out! I've always admired how they dressed especially Cher. I don't think they ever went out of fashion. Well except for their gigantic cellphones =)

coco said...

My favourite film ever! I love love love it!

xs said...

this is the second blog today that has mentioned clueless, how weird! seriously a classic movie. what made my love for fashion was shopping!

Oh So Hip It Hurts said...

god i love clueless! and whenever i watch it i wish i was a rich LA girl livin in the 90's with my fashionable besties..

Di: "Hello that was a stop sign"
Cher: "I totally paused.."

best quote!


mia said...

i love love clueless, esp the cher's computerized wardrobe. But what inspired me most, fashion-wise, is the movie To Wong Fo Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar. It's a movie about drag queens, kinda weird, i know. but i always thought drag queens know their thing. plus, they're so confident! i still love that movie until now. :)