High To Low

All images from Nylon
This is Nylon's collaboration With Nike
I'm sure if like me your a big fan of Nylon then you will have been reading about this in the magazine for a while!
I love Nike High tops and I'm currently still on the look out for the perfect pair
But as much as I love the old school style of this sneaker
I find the colour choice kind of random
I mean I like the blue ones but
I don't think I would ever wear neon bright pink/green/orange/yellow sneakers
What do yous think will you be getting a pair?


MM said...

I love these kinds of pictures.
the ones that look like you took them with friends , not professional or airbrushed .
or too made up.
just a picture ypu took against a white wall (:


F Blog said...

They are super cool!!

fourteenfashionstatements said...

i think i'd rock the yellow ones.

The Queen of Hearts said...

Honestly, probably not seeing home I am a pretty die hard Chuck Taylor fan but it is a very clever and eye - catching photo shoot.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you that these are a bit too neon for my taste. I like the blue one as well.. it would also go with more stuff vs. a neon orange sneaker. :) Great collaboration though and I love Nylon too!

xo, Becs

Oh So Hip It Hurts said...

yeh i have to agree with you, the blue ones are ok but i'm pretty sure i would never buy big bulky yellow or orange nikes. still its a fun and colourful photo shoot thats for sure..isabel mcnally looks great in that first pic..could peaches geldof be covered in any more tattoos?


lucille said...

Love these shoes ! Znd these outfits !

Damsels said...

these are fun shots i love the styling

but no wont be getting them cuz idont have anything to wear with them
We Were Damsels

Imelectric said...