Festival Fever

Images from BBC
Lily's Jumpsuit and GaGa's craziness
Love it!
Glastonbury 2009


MT Days & Nights said...

I love lily's jumpsuit, not sure about the purple hair though.

Alyssa said...

It's fantastic, isn't it?! Lady and Lily are gems, especially Lady Gaga... she is on her way to becoming an icon!

Damsels said...

wow ilove your costumes
We Were Damsels

Oh So Hip It Hurts said...

gotta love those crazy festival outfits..always interesting to see


sarah said...

god bless gaudy divas. why not go all out when you have the opportunity? love lily's jumpsuit.
xo s

The Queen of Hearts said...

I absolutely love Lady Gaga. I don't always buy her English Tea persona that she likes to put on from time to time in interviews, but I've been with her so long that I can't let her go. I remember when Just Dance was being pushed sooo hard last year and no one was really trying to listen. Well they are listening now!