Bright Young Things

Images from Google Images
These pictures are from River Islands new GFW Capsule Collection
This collection is designed by graduates from the previous years of Fashion Week
I love this idea of a well known shop like river island
Giving these young designers such a big platform to showcase their designs
I have never been much of a fan of river island
I don't think i have actually ever bought anything from there
But I think that may soon change because I love this collection so much
I have been looking for the perfect blazer for a while
And I think the one in the 3rd picture may just be it
And I think the cardigan in the 4th picture looks fabulous too!
The collection is modeled by Amber Le Bon
Who i think looks awesome in the pictures too
The collection is due to launch around July time I think
But If you can't wait till then you can have a browse through the River Island site


KB said...

I love that white dress, very directional! I think River Island is a bit hit and miss, they love to tacky anything up with logos and chains, but this stuff looks great.

Anonymous said...

wow! the dress in the second photo is amazing, i want something like this!
xoxo. paula

KATIA said...

Wow, that second photo actually blew me away! I love her hair :) And well those shoes on the last picture are pretty damn amazing!

Charmaine said...

i am officially obsessed with that white dress in the second pic!