The Young And The Restless

Images from Google
Nearly Every British fashion magazine has declared that
This group of friends, give or take a few,
Are the most stylish people in the UK
What do you think ?
Do you agree?
Or has the UK got some stylish hidden wonders?


coco said...

I don't like any of this group. I think they're all pretty over-rated. Agy looks good on the runway and I can see why people like Alexa's stlye, but I think there is too much fuss over not much style really.

Wendy-May said...

I have to agree with coco, way over rated!there will be many uk wonders hidden somewhere x

Tough Cookie said...

Cool blog! Glad I came across it.

CAMILLE said...

looks like a fun group of people..crazy clothes

camille x

feather hunter said...

on some occasions yes and on some occasions hell no!

Anonymous said...

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